Recipes to use up lots of dried fruit?

Somehow, my pantry's supply of dried fruit is insane. I'm not much for eating it straight. Any good recipes to use a big blend of dried fruit?

I'm not much of a chutney fan, nor are friends/family.

Emily Hanhan


Helen's A. December 6, 2011
You have to try: by hardlikearmour, they are fantastic. When I made this recipe, I used a mixture of all different dried fruits including prunes: golden raisins, dry cherries, dry cranberries, what ever you have! Highly recommend. Wonderful with cheese, pate, & a glass of wine.
Emily H. December 8, 2011
Woah... I would have never thought to treat dried fruit like pickles. Then again, it seems like a lightweight version of a chutney. Interesting.
luvcookbooks December 6, 2011
Elizabeth David has a great recipe in French Provincial Cooking for pork with prunes. This mo's Food and Wine features a leg of lamb with dried apricots. Dried cherries and duck or chicken would make a great combination. Sauerbraten would probably be good with gingery dried fruit. Venison and dried blueberries.
You get the idea...
SKK December 5, 2011
Hi N - My question is what are the dried fruits you have to work with? That will focus the recipes. And what a wonderful problem you have!

Also, love all the recipes to date.
Emily H. December 8, 2011
Hey SKK, I finally took a look at my pantry. I store my fruit in quart size Ball jars. I have a jar of dried figs, a jar of a mix of mango and papaya, a jar of Medjool dates and half a jar of apricots. My family likes sending me fruit. And I tend to buy it, not remembering that I only really regularly eat dried cherries and cranberries.
Taiyyaba December 5, 2011
Make homemade granola!
em-i-lis December 5, 2011
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ATG117 December 5, 2011
Marmalade to serve with cheese, sauteed as a topping for yogurt, or throw in some granola.
Sasha (. December 5, 2011
In Eastern Europe they like to simmer dried fruits in water with sugar and spices, either to make a drink called Kompot. Some of the fruit would be spooned into each glass and it is slurped up at the end - the prize at the bottom of the glass.
cranberry December 5, 2011
My grandmother would do this, and add in little dumplings and eat it like a soup. A dollop of sour cream optional.
em-i-lis December 5, 2011
I love to cook dried fruit into my morning oatmeal. Once everything is done, I stir in some molasses. Great way to start the day. As well, Molly Wizenberg's stewed prunes are AMAZING! and so easy.
stacey_ballis December 5, 2011
For something different, try a mostarda! It is a fantastic Italian condiment for roasted meats, but I also love it with cheeses. It is a sweet and sour condiment that can use a combination of dried and fresh fruits, fresh citrus segments and peel, mustard, vinegar...there are a million recipes, here is one I like that I have adapted to what I have on hand
healthierkitchen December 5, 2011
I have a loaf of AJ's pan de higo weighted down right now! Other ideas - depending on what kind you have - I throw some in my oatmeal in the morning - sometimes fig, date and walnuts, sometimes cranberry and blueberry, golden raisin, etc. You can put out a bowl of a mix of dried fruit, nuts and mini dark chocolate chips for a snack. Another option is biscotti. I make them this time of year with dried pear and candied ginger, or dried cranberries and five spice powder, or dried cherries with dark chocolate, etc. I think I have a boscotti recipe on here.

They keep for a while so don't feel too rushed!
AntoniaJames December 5, 2011
I made some pan de higo with cherries, by the way, and it was fantastic. You should chop them though, because they make cutting a clean slice a bit difficult, even with a very sharp knife. ;o)
Emily H. December 8, 2011
AJ, is the "pressing" part absolutely necessary? I'm t thinking about making pan de higo for my F52 secret santa-er... it would definitely age a few days in shipment!
AntoniaJames December 8, 2011
If you press it overnight, that should be fine, but then wrap it tightly. The pressing stage helps to dry it out a bit, but also serves to shape it, bringing the ingredients together into a solid block. I'd try to wrap it very tightly just before shipping, and then figure some way to maintain a pressing action in the shipping box. I'd probably use only about a third of the molasses, too, as that makes it more wet. You won't miss the flavor that much. ;o)
AntoniaJames December 5, 2011
A wonderful thing to do with dried mission figs is to steep them in my "Smoking Bishop" hot winter punch, which I posted here a few weeks ago. You warm red wine, orange peel (which I would zest) and spices). Skip the roasting of the oranges, if you want and just add a bit of juice. I'd put the spices in a cheesecloth bag and let it sit overnight. Then I'd add the figs and some port and warm it again. Then put it all in a quart jar with the cheesecloth bag if you want strong spice notes, or not, if you don't. Turn the jar upside down every day if the fruit is not covered with liquid. Or add more wine or port. Use ruby port, which is fruitier and friendlier for this use. I just finished a jar that I'd been "working on" (2 figs for dessert every night for the past two weeks, sometimes with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream). Delicious. ;o)
Emily H. December 5, 2011
The pan de higo looks interesting, so do the fruitcake brownies. Does anyone have a great boozy fruitcake recipe otherwise? I could probably pass it off to SOMEONE during the holidays. :)
Tarragon December 5, 2011
Saute it with ground beef or ground turkey, with onions and garlic, as if for a meat sauce. Optional: add pine nuts or almond too. I did this to use up dried dates last week and it was a winner.

The Fruitcake Inspired Brownies ( on this site - a recent runner up - looks awesome.

Add to salad, cottage cheese, or yogurt, with or without nuts.

Add to cake or muffin batter.

sdebrango December 5, 2011
How about AJ's She uses figs and prunes I think but I bet she would have recomendations for the addition of different types of dried fruits. There is always fruitcake, or spiced wine you can add a mixture of dried and fresh fruit and use the boozy dried fruit in loafs or cookies or here we go again fruitcake.
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