A question about a recipe: Pear and Cranberry Cake

I made this cake yesterday--turned out delicious and it got rave reviews from guests--but omitted the wheat germ because I didn't have any. Seemed to turn out fine. What does the wheat germ actually do?

  • Posted by: sbzemel
  • December 5, 2011
Pear and Cranberry Cake
Recipe question for: Pear and Cranberry Cake


Cristina S. December 6, 2011
Hi sbzemel!

I asked my Aunt your question, and this is what she says: "I worked this recipe 32 times before I was satisfied. In the past, I had been accused of making items that were too sweet. At about version 24, I began adding the wheat germ to give a slightly nutty flavor and help cut some of the sweetness. As you know, cranberries are very tart so you need to add sugar to help offset the tartness. I have also made it without the wheat germ and yes, it tastes great. But with the wheat germ it tastes better!"

I hope this is helpful!
SKK December 5, 2011
Hi sbzemal - one recommendation would be to make it again and use the wheat germ and do a flavor test and from there decide which you like better. And also google wheat germ for health benefits to see if that is value added for you.

And if your guests loved your cake, don't mess with it!

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