I love cranberries and would like to make this recipe. I do not know where to get fruit brandy. Can it be substituted with anything else? Or doe...

...s it have to have that ingredient

  • Posted by: Patt
  • December 26, 2011
Pear and Cranberry Cake
Recipe question for: Pear and Cranberry Cake


Cristina S. December 27, 2011
Hi Patt,

The fruit brandy is really not necessary, only if you want to add pears, and only if they are not ripe. (But really, you could just soften them by cooking in a little butter and skip the brandy all together). Pears were my addition to my aunt's recipe, which just calls for the cranberries. So feel free to do what you like fruit-wise! However, if you really would like to use a fruit brandy, you can find them online, or at any well-curated liquor store.

I hope this helps!

sheredel December 26, 2011
why not try a plain brandy, not sure but what about a Sherry?
Cristina S. December 27, 2011
Sure, why not? Sherry would be interesting to try. Let me know if you do, and how it works out!
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