At a party, we made an homage to CandyCornHenge and I wanted to add the photo to the recipe. Is that possible?

CandyCornHenge :)
Recipe question for: CandyCornHenge :)


Sam1148 December 11, 2011
It's a little known that candy corn is actually a seed form of traffic cones.

The younger traffic cones will mate and leave their seeds, Known as candy corn, to be harvested.
Some mating rituals for the traffic cone involve sprouting bright displays, often with shimmering silver bands in youth, or flashing yellow lights to attract mates.

After mating the life of a traffic cone is sad...and they shuffle off to the side of the road, weathered and beaten. Some become depressed and over weight and find new jobs as traffic barrels.
But others are weaken and wither and eventually find refuge in shopping malls, janitorial closets in office building and become flat and skinny and find a life as 'wet floor signs'. Pleading with warnings and pictograms of their worth to recapture their former glory.
hardlikearmour December 11, 2011
It's not currently possible to add a photo unless you're the recipe author. You could contact fiveandspice via the food52 messaging. She may let you e-mail the photo to her for uploading.
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