At a party a few years ago, I ate a fantastic fennel casserole. It was creamy with a top that had a bit of crisp (cheese maybe?) and tomatoes halved, which roasted beautifully. Does this ring a bell with anyone and would you have a recipe to recreate it?



SuperFineSugar November 15, 2010
Bingo! I think that's it. And yes, the tomato was only halved...not diced. Thank you all so much!
RavensFeast November 15, 2010
By the way @casa-giardino, there is a note at the bottom of this recipe that says it's adapted from Saveur...surely from the recipe that you posted, which looks equally delicious.
RavensFeast November 15, 2010
@superfinesugar Got it! This is the recipe that I first tried in 1999 and I haven't gotten it off my mind since. I hope this is along the lines of what you're reminiscing ; )

I don't particularly remember the tomato being diced. My friend's mom used heirloom tomatoes that she had cut in half, scooped out the seeds and sliced. Of course this will be even better come next summer!

@pierino -You've got to try this! I can tell that you have a taste for good food and I promise, this will make you sing.
RavensFeast November 12, 2010
@superfinesugar yes, success! My friend's mom still has the recipe, she's emailing it to me!! I'll be back in two shakes...
casa-giardino November 12, 2010
SuperFineSugar November 11, 2010
Raven. Sorry.
SuperFineSugar November 11, 2010
RevensFeast, fingers are crossed!!! Jon, thank you for the link. It's close, but this definitely did not have potatoes in it. Fennel only.
pierino November 10, 2010
I'm interested in the replies here because fennel and tomato would not be two flavors it would occur to me to combine. Which doesn't mean it isn't delicious, it's just a "hhmmm" moment. And I happen to love fennel.
RavensFeast November 9, 2010
Oh my goodness, yes! I had this at my friend's mom house about 4 years ago, in Seattle. I haven't been able to get it off my mind since - that good. Funny thing is, I'm known for repetitively requesting the recipe from my friend's mom; ironically, I keep losing it! Alas, I just emailed her again (at this point, no shame) to ask for it again. It is exactly as you've described. Hold tight, I'll get back to you ; )
Jon P. November 9, 2010
I would do something similar to this food52 recipe:

From your description, it seems like what you had could be called a fennel gratin with tomatoes. If you can still get a decent tomato, you may be good to go. You could just change a couple of things in the recipe to suit your memory of the dish.
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