A question about a recipe: Ann Seranne's Rib Roast of Beef

The Roasting Time Chart gives the weight w/o the ribs. How does that help since we only know the weight with the ribs? It seems like we can only use the number of ribs to determine cooking time.



Kristen M. December 18, 2011
Pamelalee, this instruction is a bit confusing, we know! The chart is actually referring to the weight of a standing rib roast, including 2-4 attached "primal" ribs (the ones you see in the photo). The "Without Short Ribs" part means that the short ribs shouldn't be included as well, since the cooking method wouldn't work as well for those (they're more complex and sinewy, and would do better with another cooking method like braising). Here's more explanation of the rib situation from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standing_rib_roast
lorigoldsby December 18, 2011
In the step by step instructions she has 5 min per pound OR 15 minutes per rib. Hence a 12 pound roast would take 1 hour of cooking time, then standing time. Don't forget the time needed to allow it to come to room temp....this is a crucial step!
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