I need a thickening agent for tempura batter other than corn starch or regular flour. Help!



bigpan December 31, 2011
Arrowroot will work.
Sam1148 December 31, 2011
After this post I was thinking about tempura...and the Vodka based pie crust for making a light crust.
Turns out there are a few recipes that sub supercold vodka for the ice water for light crispy tempura.
Sam1148 December 31, 2011
Potato starch or rice flour.
Esther P. December 31, 2011
You've tagged the question with gluten free.... But as far as I understand it, corn starch is gluten free. However, Ive seen rice flour in recipes for tempura, so you could try that?
Sadassa_Ulna December 31, 2011
any chance you have arrowroot or gluten-free-certified oats (which could be ground in a blender or processor?)
Panfusine December 31, 2011
chickpea flour?
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