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Wonda flour !

I got curious reading about Wonda only to discover "not available in Canada". But, it is ... Sold by Robin Hood as "instant blend" flour. A yellow/white shaker can.

asked by bigpan about 5 years ago
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Kristy Mucci

Kristy is an expert at making things pretty and a former Associate Editor of Food52.

added about 5 years ago

Thanks, big pan! Do you have a link for it that might hep other users in Canada get their hands on it?

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added about 5 years ago

Should be in the flour section of any major grocery store. I am on vacation in a small fishing village 5 hrs from a major store and I found it in the little local Co-op store yesterday !

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added about 5 years ago

Is the product under discussion here "Wondra," by Betty Crocker, or is this something else altogether?