How far ahead of time may I make the sandwiches? I'm hosting a wedding shower which starts at 2 pm.



beldengirl January 6, 2012
Thanks for the answers. Exactly the advice I needed.
Bevi January 6, 2012
I would recommend no earlier than the morning of.
Sam1148 January 5, 2012
Be sure to coat both top and bottom of the bread with butter. The butter creates a barrier for moisture of the cucumbers. Moisture will make the bread soggy before serving.
Merrill S. January 5, 2012
You could easily make them that morning. What I do to keep them fresh is make the sandwiches and cut them into fingers, arrange them on a plate or tray, cover them gently with a barely damp towel, and put them in the fridge. Then take them out 20 to 30 minutes before serving them so they come to room temperature.
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