How many cups/ approx how many apples is 9 ounces? I am working with cortlands. Totally ignorant with conversions, and online calculators aren't...

... helping (giving me the amount in grams/pounds/kilograms). Thank you!

'Apple Pie' Muffins
Recipe question for: 'Apple Pie' Muffins


Amee January 15, 2012
9oz would be just over 2 cups of prepared apple. When I make this recipe it takes one brambly apple to make up the 9oz - since Bramleys tend to be about twice the size of a 'regular' sized apple I would agree with sdebrango and guess that two Cortlands would give the right amount.
sdebrango January 15, 2012
I only have gala in my fruit bowl weighed them whole and 2 gala were 12 oz with skin and everything, I would venture a guess that you could use 2 cortland apples and get approximately 9 oz. Since apples vary in size and weight the only way to tell is to peel and prep them then weigh them. If you don't have a kitchen scale I would use 2 apples.
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