Do you know of a good online resource for converting from cups to grams -- for example, all purpose flour (unsifted) or salt or sugar to grams?



pierino September 18, 2010
Of course if you own any cookbooks you can frequently just check the endpapers for conversion tables.
TrialandError September 18, 2010

This is a good site for conversions. I'm based in the UK and have to admit I don't get the cup thing, as conversion isn't straight forward as every item is a little different.
JulesE September 18, 2010
For simplicity, try left hand side of (very ugly website)
AntoniaJames September 18, 2010
Here's a tool with basic information plus a calculator, but please remember that flour varies a lot in its weight per volume, due to variations in moisture level (which can be caused by several different factors):

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