How do you make the perfect crispy turkey skin?



AntoniaJames November 15, 2010
Hey, Nutcakes, if you do the dry brining, will that make the pan drippings really salty? I'm still trying to figure out which way I'm going to cook a small turkey this year . . . I most likely will roast it, but not sure of what prep techniques I'll use. Thanks. ;o)
nutcakes November 15, 2010
Rinse the turkey and pat dry inside and out. Salt liberally (pepper too if you like) with Kosher salt inside and out. Place on a rack over a tray and refigerate, uncovered, overnight. This is also a form of dry brining and will help keep the turkey moist.

Also you can use convection oven if you have one.

Another method is to use a high heat cooking with an unstuffed bird.
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