A question about a recipe: Halloumi and Prosciutto Panini

What is Halloumi Cheese and where can I find some? Sounds good.



nrobeyone1 February 10, 2012
Try Trader Joe's. You grill it and it remains firm. Serve hot and enjoy!!!!!! It is good with pepper jelly and fruit.
SKK February 10, 2012
Halloumi can be found at any major grocery chain in the cheese section.
ChefJune February 10, 2012
then you know something I don't, SKK. I've only found it in specialty cheese shops or in markets in Greek neighborhoods.
SKK February 10, 2012
Here in Seattle Whole Foods and QFC carries it. Also have seen it at Costco at times.
sarah K. February 10, 2012
It is a firm Greek cheese, usually make with goat and sheep milk. It's not crumbly, like Feta, but not soft, like chevre. I think it's traditionally grilled (without oil) in a skillet, and becomes kinda pliable, not so much stringy, like melted mozarella, but boingy and soft. It's pretty salty, so is good in combination with other things. I first had it in a sort of pilaf with couscous and dried apricots. If you've ever ordered saganaki at a Greek restaurant, that's halloumi.

You can find it at Greek or ethnic markets.
ChefJune February 10, 2012
Actually, Saganaki is not made with Halloumi, it's traditionally made with Kasseri.

Halloumi is native to Cyprus, and is always served grilled. I can't imagine it in a panini with Prosciutto. Both of them are SO salty!
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