Grilling goose foie gras

I am looking for guidance on whether goose foie gras can be grilled without turning it into a pool of melted fat. I plan to glaze it with maple syrup. Any suggestions are appreciated.



bigpan February 12, 2012
I agree- very hot and fast. I would leave the maple syrup for pancakes and just enjoy the soft tenderness of the foie gras. I have also marinated it in port which is very nice. Think outside the box and serve with a side taste of fig jam or.....
Mr_Vittles February 12, 2012
Very high heat will be your friend here. Do it fast, and get it plated quickly. By grilled do you mean over a gas/wood fire or in a hot skillet. To be honest, a hot skillet may be better for this application, as the fire/gas can have variances in temperature which can lead to melting. A very hot skillet, made from something like carbon or cast iron will have a nice even temperature. Make sure to preheat it over a med-high heat for a few minutes to allow it to become smoking hot. 45 seconds on each side, then evacuate.
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