What is the best kind of vinegar to use when making a vinaigrette with roasted hazelnut oil? It's for a salad with arugula, pears, roasted carrots and a fairly mild cheese (probably Manchego). Ideas for a generic combination (i.e., what vinegar + hazelnut oil would work well with many salads) would also be appreciated. Thank you. ;o)



pierino November 16, 2010
Yes indeed. I find Spanish sherry vinegar to be far superior to most of what passes as balsamic vinegar in this country (and I do own the real stuff). It will harmonize well with nut oils. In fact I may have to try AntoniaJames salad out, as I have fresh arugula on hand.
innoabrd November 16, 2010
Just nothing quite like a good spanish sherry vinegar. Headed to Andalucia after xmas and plan to bring some back!
KitchenKim November 15, 2010
One of my favorite recipes from Suzanne Goin is her Roasted Pear Salad with Endives, Hazelnuts and St. Agur. For the dressing she uses hazelnut oil and adds a mixture of sherry vinegar & rice vinegar. The recipe can be found online :). enjoy.
SallyCan November 15, 2010
How about white balsamic?
pierino November 15, 2010
I'm in the Spanish sherry vinegar camp. An older one being best.
lastnightsdinner November 15, 2010
I'd definitely say Sherry vinegar with those particular ingredients. Sounds like a lovely salad! White balsamic might be another option.
hardlikearmour November 15, 2010
White wine or champagne vinegar would be nice. Generically it depends on the greens you are using ==> Cooks Illustrated has recipes for a red wine vinaigrette for mild flavored greens, and creamy garlic for bitter greens, and a mustard balsamic for peppery greens.
nutcakes November 15, 2010
For that particular salad I'd live to have sherry vinegar, especially with that cheese added. It add a special taste. But white wine vinegar will serve you well for all purposes. Champagne vinegar would be extra special
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