A question about a recipe: Poor Man’s Fish Spread

If i was going to use fresh fish what would you recommend? Would you make any other changes to the recipe? I am in new england so fresh smoked mullet is out of the question.

Poor Man’s Fish Spread
Recipe question for: Poor Man’s Fish Spread


ChefBoiRBert March 5, 2012
Thank you for all of the replies! I will be sure to try with some fresh salmon.
mamusa March 4, 2012
I am headed to the area soon. I look forward to all the seafood wonders to be found in the local markets. I will give some selections a try with this recipe, and report back.
Greenstuff March 4, 2012
The recipe you're working with called for a can of salmon, not anything smoked, so if you're trying to make it close to what it is, just go with fresh salmon. But since it was derived from a recipe that called for smoked mullet, well...I'd say you have free reign. Just go with something you like, fresh or smoked.
LeBec F. March 4, 2012
salted codfish is way more labor than you prob want to get into because it requires soaking for days.
sometimes smoked fish is not easy to find in the fish counters. You can, however, often find packaged smoked trout (Tr J's and Whole Foods) , smoked scallops and of course smoked salmon. Whiole Foods would likely have the most variety, here in the Boston area at least.
mamusa March 4, 2012
I am envious. In Florida, smoked mullet is a tradition, but it just doesn’t compare to what you have in New England. You must have such a nice selection of smoked fish readily available. This recipe would be outstanding with smoked salmon, smoked codfish, or smoked bluefish.

Be sure to use the fresh herbs to do justice to the fish. I would not change a thing in the recipe, except substitute the fresh smoked fish.

Take special care in the preparation of the fish to make sure there are no bones, and that you remove the skin. Flake the fish before adding it to the other ingredients.

Let me know how it turns out.
nutcakes March 4, 2012
I'd just use fresh salmon.
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