Recipe Adjustment: Cake to cupcakes

I'd love to use this recipe:
And make it into cupcakes for a mutual birthday celebration tomorrow -- which means getting them made tonight. Does anyone have any baking rules of thumb for adjusting time/temp of baking?
I did some comparison with a mochi cupcake recipe and their baking time was about 30-35 minutes... but I wanted to get some nice input from the great experience of the hotline.
Thanks! :)

Additional info... I might tweak the recipe a bit and add some matcha powder/do a half & half swirl, but I don't think that will drastically change anything.
If it works out I might do it again with adzuki beans like more traditional mochi.
Planning on a seven-minute frosting, with/or a miso caramel top/swirl.

  • Posted by: hanne
  • January 19, 2018
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1 Comment

debi January 19, 2018
i would suggest 30 min bake time at the same temp but start checking at about 20 min, every five minutes. only thing about frosting is it'll soften the tops - my recollection from when i made this cake was that the contrast between edge/top and smooshy center was the best part.
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