A question about a recipe: Tuscan Roasted Chicken Stuffed wtih Swiss Chard Couscous and Cheese

In the ingredient list, you say use 1/2 cup cooked couscous, but in the directions it looks like you use 1 cup.... which is it?



TheWimpyVegetarian April 6, 2012
Oh, and sorry for the confusion! I can see why it was confusing! The next time I make it, I'll figure out exactly how much dried couscous you need for 1/2 cup cooked. I'm thinking 1/4 cup, but I don't know for certain.
TheWimpyVegetarian April 6, 2012
Hi Helen! Thanks for your question. You will only need 1/2 cup of cooked couscous for the recipe. In the instructions I provide direction on cooking couscous using 1 cup, and then say that once it's cooked, measure out 1/2 cup of it for the recipe. You can reserve the remaining couscous for another use. i hope you like the recipe!
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