Replacing Cheddar Cheese in Taquito's

I'm not a fan of Cheddar Cheese - would it be okay to exchange the cheddar cheese for cream cheese? I'm concerned that excluding the cheddar all together will cause the taquito's to be dry and a bit bland. Any other suggestions are welcomed!

Kate Stone


Sam1148 April 22, 2012
Most supermarket will have mexican cheeses. None of which are Cheddar.
Here's a guide:

what you'd want is Mexican "Melting cheese" . Queso asadero (jack is a good sub) or Queso oaxaca which is also a great sub for mozzarella.
nutcakes April 22, 2012
How about Jack cheese?
ChefOno April 21, 2012

I agree with Phillip for the most part (I just don't think there's anything particularly inauthentic about Monterey Jack or a whole-milk mozzarella. Given your aversion to cheddar, I'd suggest either (assuming the application calls for a melting cheese).
pierino April 22, 2012
Cheddar would hardly be authentic anyway. Monterey Jack or Pepper Jack would work as would Mexican style cheeses such as queso fresco. The latter types are becoming fairly common in supermarkets these days.
ChefOno April 22, 2012

Absolutely queso fresco or queso añejo to crumble on top. I don't think there's anything particularly inauthentic about cheddar when you consider queso Chihuahua.

PhillipBrandon April 21, 2012
Cream Cheese would definitely not be my first choice for replacing cheddar. Something gratable will give you a more similar texture profile. Monterrey Jack or even a Mozzarella would be close. For a more Mexican cheese you could try cojito or one of the similar white, milld, crumbly cheeses (almost similar to Feta now I think about it.)

All that said, Taquitos or their close relative Flautas without cheese at all are relatively common in the Tex Mex/MexMex I grew up with around Houston. I think you could forego the cheese altogether, especially if you plan on serving them alongside sour cream, salsa, or guac for dipping.
Cristina S. April 21, 2012
Is there a specific recipe you are following? I'm sure cream cheese (or really, any other cheese you feel like) would be fine. I would just try to make sure whatever cheese I used acted as a textural/taste contrast to the other ingredients.
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