Why would you want to buy Italian sausage links for a recipe that calls for removing the casing?

Why wouldn't you just buy bulk Italian sausage? Is it a texture thing?

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TiggyBee May 2, 2012
Hey pierino - cute packaging? Ha! I'm definitely looking you up next time we're up in central ca. I'll bring the best vino if you'll make your famous Porchetta.
pierino May 2, 2012
TiggyBee you are welcome to visit anytime.

As to "cute packaging" one of my favorite places to eat in the US is Hot Doug's on Chicago's north side. Doug refers to it as "an emporium of encased meats." Not only does he make the best hot dog in Chicago (and hence America) he also serves real charcuterie.
MTMitchell May 2, 2012
Hot Doug is writing a book -- http://www.wbez.org/blogs/louisa-chu/2012-05/hot-dougs-chronicles-98751

so soon we'll all have more ideas for homemade sausage.
pierino May 1, 2012
Well, those casings do make for cute packages. But there really is nothing good about "bulk Italian sausage." That's a term that means absolutely nothing if you actually care about sausage. What if you need a Spanish, or French or Portuguese style sausage meat? Of course you can grind it yourself but if you need it already prepped than buy the link. Now bring on that boudin noir.
inpatskitchen May 1, 2012
And sometimes your favorite Italian sausage only comes in links as opposed to bulk. I have a favorite brand with fennel that I've never seen in bulk.
ChefOno May 1, 2012

You can often purchase a single link at the meat counter if that's all you need. And sometimes links are all you can find. No difference otherwise.
TiggyBee May 1, 2012
You don't. Look for Italian sausage without the casing. Maybe the person who wrote the recipe had no access to anything but links. In which case, you squeeze it out of the casing and can still retain the flavor.
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