How much does a sausage link weigh, please?

I have a question about the ingredient "links sweet Italian sausage" on the recipe "Sunday Pork Ragu" from cookinginvictoria.

Sunday Pork Ragu
Recipe question for: Sunday Pork Ragu


Sorry not to include the weights in this recipe since as Pierino and AJ say sausage links can vary wildly. The sausage links that I used when I created this recipe were about 1/4 pound. If your links are a lot bigger, I would just slightly adjust the amounts, maybe use four links of sweet sausage instead of five. The recipe will not suffer if you use slightly more sausage than is called for, especially if you are cooking for sausage-lovers, which always seems to be the case in my house. So glad that you are thinking of trying the recipe -- hope that you enjoy it! :)
Benny May 4, 2012
I would guess that you don't need an exact measure of sausage for this recipe. I would assume they are referring to the the sausage links you would buy at your local supermarket meat section. So my advice is to eye ball it.
AntoniaJames May 4, 2012
pierino's right. I've gotten sausages that weigh nearly half a pound, others that a third, etc. It depends on the butcher. You should post this question to the recipe itself, or send a note to cookinginvictoria, its author, to find out the total weight she used. (It shouldn't matter a whole lot, however, in a recipe like this, if you're off by a quarter pound, either way.) ;o)
pierino May 4, 2012
Depends on who is filling the casings and you will find regional variations. I would guess about 1/4 pound on average but there is no standard measure.
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