A question about a recipe: Sunday Pork Ragu

Is this 3/4 lb of pork bones, or 3-to-4 lb pork bones? The former seems low, and the latter seems high.

Sunday Pork Ragu
Recipe question for: Sunday Pork Ragu


cookinginvictoria May 14, 2011
Glad to hear that you are going to make the ragu! After you have tried it, do let me know what you think..
mscheevel May 14, 2011
Thanks for the help, everybody! I picked up some bones from the butcher this morning, and I'm looking forward to giving this a try tomorrow.
cookinginvictoria May 14, 2011
Thank you, Sarah, for spelling out the measurement. That makes it much clearer. Also, in my answer, I should have said 3/4 pound, not pounds. Sorry for the typo.
cookinginvictoria May 14, 2011
Yes, 3/4 pounds of small pork bones (about 8-10 bones) is how the recipe should read. You want just enough so that they will impart their unique flavor to the sauce, but adding too many bones will make the sausage too crowded in the pan. Also, while the pork in this ragu is incredibly yummy, it's not the main event. This dish is really all about the tomato sauce, and you want it to have enough room to simmer without being overwhelmed by the other ingredients. Hope that all makes sense!
Sarah S. May 14, 2011
Three-quarters of a pound. A little pork bone goes a long way. Hope you like the recipe!
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