A question about a recipe: Sunday Pork Ragu. Do you measure the parsley before or after chopping? Thank you. ;o)

I have a question about the recipe "Sunday Pork Ragu" from cookinginvictoria.

Sunday Pork Ragu
Recipe question for: Sunday Pork Ragu


AntoniaJames August 23, 2011
pierino, you're right. The way I chop, half a cup of chopped is a lot more than 1/2 cup of flat leaf parsley before chopping. But then, for something like this, you're right. You can never have too much parsley in a sauce. And you'd be pleased to know that I added a fistful of chopped Chinese celery leaves . . . the nice dark ones with that good, deep celery flavor. Couldn't help myself. Had to add some pounded fennel seed, too, because Ratto's doesn't do their Italian sausage justice in this regard. Thanks, everyone!! ;o)
pierino August 23, 2011
I'll just add that I never measure herbs like parsley. I just chop and slam it in there. I mean how far wrong can you go?
inpatskitchen August 23, 2011
I'm with sdebrango...I always chop first and try to keep it clear in any recipe that I post.
leslim August 23, 2011
The way the recipe reads, you measure then chop. If it read "1/2 cup chopped parsley" that would mean you need to chop and then measure.
sdebrango August 23, 2011
I chop then measure simply because its easier to measure accurately.I find it difficult to pack unchopped herbs into a measuring spoon or cup.
Lexmccall August 23, 2011
It is much easier (in my experience) to measure any fresh herbs before chopping. 1 Tbsp of packed parsley leaves will turn into 1 Tbsp of chopped parsley.
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