A question about a recipe: Apple Butter Pie

I have a question about the ingredient "well spiced apple butter, home made or bought at the farmers market" on the recipe "Apple Butter Pie" from thirschfeld.
I'm Italian, I never heard about this ingredient, do you have any recipie?

  • Posted by: Albe
  • May 6, 2012
Apple Butter Pie
Recipe question for: Apple Butter Pie


Maedl May 6, 2012
The thirschfeld recipe sounds like it would be good. If you are in Italy, use an organic, unfiltered apple juice in place of the cider--it would be about the same thing. I would also use a old variety apple, one that is not overly sweet--you want some acidic quality in the fruit! Apple butter takes a long time to cook. It should not be watery, just thick and smooth. My grandmother used to make apple butter outside in a big kettle placed over an open fire because the apples would splatter so much while cooking. When it was finally ready, we would spoon the apple butter onto a thick, crusty slice of bread liberally spread with butter fresh from the dairy. I can highly recommend that!
Slow C. May 6, 2012
I should probably check out the above recipes, but all I do for apple butter is cook down (peeled cored) apples with a cinnamon stick, pass the apple sauce stage and continue to cook until it is thick thick thick. There you have apple butter.
em-i-lis May 6, 2012
I really like this recipe: http://em-i-lis.com/wordpress/recipes-new-format/jams-chutneys-and-other-canned-treats/spiced-apple-butter/
Absolutely delicious!
susan G. May 6, 2012
Here's thirschfeld's recipe --
And if you're not sure about apple cider, it's the fresh press juice of apples.
Apple butter is delicious spread on toast too!
Albe May 6, 2012
sorry I meant "spiced apple butter"
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