mustard oil

im looking for a good quality mustard oil in a non restaurant sized container. Preferable in manhattan. any suggestions on brand and retail source?

  • Posted by: brandon
  • August 17, 2013


Rebecca V. August 17, 2013
There are a couple other threads on this topic already posted, but quick answer is that it's never labelled for consumption in the US ("external use only")... I bought Laxmi brand at Sahadi's on Atlantic and Court in Brooklyn, in with the oils and vinegars. I'm also assuming you're looking for regular mustard oil and not mustard essential oil... if mustard essential oil, we're looking for the same thing!
Rebecca V. August 17, 2013
Kalustyan's has six different brands listed on their website:
pierino August 18, 2013
Rebecca is correct on both counts. Kalustyans is the place to go (although there are a number of shops on 3rd Avenue where you can find it). It's always labled "for massage use only" thanks to some of our wierd USDA standards.
LarAl2015 November 19, 2017
I started a thread on mustard essential oil that includes where to get it on eBay:

Mustard essential oil (olio essenziale senape) for Mostarda di Cremona - Food52 :
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