Anchovy recommendations

What are your favorite brands of anchovies to use for flavoring / sauce? Thank you!

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • June 7, 2012


Pegeen June 26, 2012
Thanks everyone
bigpan June 7, 2012
I never (no more, anyway) buy the ones in the little tin can but buy the ones in glass jars from Italy. Chop into chunks for an original Caesar salad. (very hard to find a restaurant that makes a fresh Caesar with anchovies- the way it is supposed to be)
Boquerones are the very best but not for cooking - just sprinkle a bit of lemon on them on a piece of baguette - yum! A superb tapa.
pierino June 7, 2012
Yes, bigpan! What's up with the stupid eggless, anchovyless, souless caesar salad???

I agree on not cooking boquerones, except that I've had success with them on pissaldiere where the anchovy is essential. I love using them combined with big fat Castelvetrano olives and marcona almonds as a tapa. Knocks everyone out all the time.
pierino June 7, 2012
I look less at brand than country of origin. Good ones come from Spain and Sicily. Unless you are buying salt packed anchovies I would avoid tins altogether. What I have in my pantry at the moment are the flat ones packed in jars, both are from Sicily. Avoid the flat tins packed in Morroco---those are the "pizza anchovies" everyone hates.

Restaurants prefer the large tins of salt packed anchovies because they turn over a pretty high volume. Those require a little finger work.

The best anchovies---not so much for sauces---are boquerones. They are pickled white anchovies. Unbelievably delicious.
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