Can anyone suggest a good online retailer for quality fresh fish and shellfish?

we're doing the feast of seven fishes on christmas eve for my niece's husband (nephew in law?); he's from long island and we're in arkansas. i don't really trust the local kroger or walmart for fresh clams and there's no dedicated fish monger in town anymore. i tried google but there were so many results and there's no way to filter for quality. any advice is appreciated, thanks.

  • Posted by: jvsjr
  • December 9, 2010


jvsjr December 13, 2010
re: obleaki - thanks. i've ordered plenty of dungeness and copper river salmon from a place in seattle but i can't recall the name right now. cityfish is good to hang onto.
heading back for new year's on whidbey.... mmmmm, mussels...
obleak1 December 13, 2010
I don't know if the Pacific Northwest type of fish and seafood is what you're looking for, but this company has always done a great job of shipping to me now that I am marooned in the midwest.
jvsjr December 10, 2010
thanks, gale. i'd like to sound all altruistic but i want it too.
Gale December 10, 2010
Second Browne Trading in Portland - they are a great resource for fresh, quality seafood and are very experienced at shipping overnight as they supply some of the best restaurants in the East. Pricey and well worth it for those of us with no alternative. I also think you sound pretty great for going to all this trouble for your "nephew-in-law". Lucky him and thank heaven for FedEx.
jvsjr December 9, 2010
btw, mainecook - thanks for the tip. they were closed but i'll call them tomorrow.
jvsjr December 9, 2010
thanks, dude. i've done the very same but as a poor architecture student in trestevere; it probably wasn't nearly the experience as yours but it was fantastic. i know, fo7f (sorry to resort to abbreviations, but it's late) often involves no clams outside of the linguine con le vongole in the second course, but it seems important to him.

personally, i like eel (in certain situations), but it won't float with the family this year.

keep in mind this kid is from long island and not sicily; within families things can change over time.

again, thank you for your advice.
pierino December 9, 2010
To jvsjr; I wish you the best in your quest. I've actually dined on the "seven fishes" in Rome on Christmas Eve and clams were not part of the package (I think that's an American re-interpretation) if that eases your conscience. One of the "fishes" was eel and you can safely order that smoked if you like, and if your relatives will actually eat it. Me, I eat everything. Good luck.
jvsjr December 9, 2010
@ pierino: i completely understand the inherent compromise in ordering online vs. purchasing at a local seaside market. unfortunately that's not an option in this case unless we want to have the feast of seven catfish, bass, crappie, and perhaps a little baccala (my favorite part actually). The mussel / clam thing seems to be important to him. just looking for a good source.
I appreciate the input nonetheless.
pierino December 9, 2010
The thought of buying seafood on line as opposed to line caught is not an endeavor I would encourage you in, period stop. Too many things can go wrong unless you are dealing with a seafood wholesaler. The best you might be able to do is to find frozen scallops or something. An alternative would be dried salt cod (baccala) which is, from the get go, meant to be preserved and then reconstituted over about 24 hours.
jvsjr December 9, 2010
yes, i would have realized that if i had just clicked on the link you so generously provided. thank you.
amysarah December 9, 2010
jvsjr, yes, there are 3 or 4 in the city, and at least one in the Hamptons (E. Hampton.) Upscale groceries, but they started as a fish/seafood shop, I believe.
jvsjr December 9, 2010
@ amysarah: thanks. that's the grocery chain throughout manhattan (maybe further as far as i know), right?
mainecook61 December 9, 2010
Browne Trading Company, Portland, Maine.
amysarah December 9, 2010
I'm pretty sure Citarella (in NYC and Long Island) ships outside of the city:
Should warn you that they're kind of pricey - but a great selection and quality.
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