I realize Souffles are to be eaten just after prepared, however, I need to do this recipe in advance. What can I pre-make if anything? Thank you...

... for your help

susan frimond


Sugar &. August 3, 2012
I would say try making frozen souffles with the same flavor profile and with it being summer it would be nice and refreshing.
susan F. August 1, 2012

That was exactly the information I was looking for! Thank you so very much.
Um....I did make these souffles & they were a disaster, probably my fault. Just in case anyone out there is considering substituting... don't use 6c milk, (I attempted to double the recipe) 1/2C Heavy cream.,and 1 1/2c Coconut Milk. Since my milk was only 2% I thought it might just work and make it a bit richer & add a nice coconut flavor as well. It bombed completely! I followed all the directions precisely otherwise and the pudding remained in liquid form. If I'd only do what recipes ask me to do I am sure I'd be fine, but......
Thank you all for your time & information. Hopefully this will save someone else a down the drain dessert?

Oui, C. August 3, 2012
I'm sorry that this didn't work out for you, I hope you try it again one day as written and give it another shot.
deglazeordie August 1, 2012
When I was a pastry cook intern, I had great success completing the entire recipe, filling ramekins, and freezing them, then baking to order! Great puff every time!
Oui, C. August 3, 2012
Now this sounds very interesting. Would you cook the soufflés directly from the freezer? How much longer do they take to bake when frozen?
Oui, C. July 28, 2012
Susan - You could do everything up through step 8 in the directions well in advance of baking the soufflés, including buttering and sugaring the ramekins (this is how I always make them). Before proceeding to steps 9 & 10, bring the soufflé base to room temperature, but leave the ramekins to cool. Just before baking, execute steps 9&10 and bake them off. Et voila.... Hope you like them!
Darlene C. July 27, 2012
It looks like you could prepare everything up to step 5 in advance. I would save making the souffle base for when you are ready bake. I would make sure that the mango puree is taken out of the fridge 30 minutes before as well as eggs, to ensure that it's not super cold when mixed with the hot base. When you are ready to preheat oven, start simmering the milk. The base, as well as the egg whites come together pretty quickly at this point (5 minutes for me, if everything is prepped and measured).

This is just a guess from making other fruit souffles. I would definitely defer to Oui, Chef!
susan F. July 28, 2012
Hi Chef,

Thank you for your help! Just to be clear, sorry, I plan on preparing the recipe thru step 8 this afternoon to finish off tomorrow evening for dessert. I hope that is not too much in advance. In the future, can I prep thru #8 and freeze for a week maybe?

Thanks again,
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