Best way to cook salmon burgers?



briecheese August 2, 2012
Thank you all for your suggestions! Have you ever baked them?
ChefJune August 2, 2012
You have to be careful not to overcook salmon burgers, but they have enough natural fat you can cook them in a super-hot pan the way you cook a regular burger. I don't use crumbs. To me, that makes it a "salmon cake," and not a burger.
Greenstuff August 2, 2012
One of our local fish shops scrapes the remaining meat off the fish frame after filleting salmon and turns those scrapings into surprisingly good burgers. You have to be careful not to overcook them.
pierino August 2, 2012
What's a salmon "burger"? Sounds even worse than "blackening" a good piece of salmon.
chef O. August 2, 2012
I use panko crumbs on the outside. Heat olive oil in cast iron pan till smoking hot then cook 3-4 minutes per side for extra crispy.
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