There is no mention of sugar in the ingredients. How much sugar am I supposed to add to tomato sauce?

  • Posted by: lkh6951
  • August 12, 2012
Summer Squash Enchiladas
Recipe question for: Summer Squash Enchiladas


ChefJune August 27, 2012
I never add sugar to tomato sauce, so I wouldn't use any.
pierino August 27, 2012
I agree with ChefJune. Many inexperienced cooks add sugar to tomato sauce because they think they are supposed to. Theory being that it cuts acidity. It doesn't. Totally unneccesary. And why would you want to sweeten tomato sauce anyway?
QueenSashy August 26, 2012
I would add half teaspoon per pound of tomatoes...
mrslarkin August 12, 2012
hmmmm....I'd start with a very small amount, like a teaspoon. Then taste as you go.
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