Cheesecake layers

I want to layer cheesecakes, but how do you do that without blending the two or three batters?

Champa Paul


Champa P. September 11, 2012
Chef June and Esther and Sarah,
Thanks so much for taking time to answer me. I'll try the chocolate on the bottom, maybe letting it set up a little while then adding the rest. I hope this works :)
Esther P. September 11, 2012
Ah, i see what you mean - youre treating your cheesecake like cake layers... Could you put the chocolate cheesecake on the bottom? Or would that spoil the look you were going for? Is the regular cheesecake layer too delicate to be moved/to be the upper layer? I can see this will turn out to be a kind of black forest cheesecake.... Yum!
ChefJune September 11, 2012
since the chocolate layer is the heavier, why not go with gravity and put the chocolate layer on the bottom? I'd do both the cherries AND the whipped cream on top.
Champa P. September 10, 2012
The goal behind my question is a recipe I'm trying to develop which has a regular cheesecake layer on the bottom with a cherry filling on top of that and a chocolate cheesecake on top of that with whip cream, drizzled with chocolate on the very top. My issue was how to keep the chocolate cheesecake from crumbling when I try to put it on top of the regular cheesecake and the cherries. When I baked the layers together, giving up on having the cherries in between, the layers did remain somewhat separate, but the chocolate layer, being heavier, was sort of a dominatrix on the regular cheesecake below. If we can figure this out, it could be a pretty cool dessert!
Reiney September 10, 2012
Haven't ever tried it, but you could try making 2 separate cheesecakes, freeze both and then layer that way - similar to a tiered cake. I suspect when it defrosts the layers will come together.
Esther P. September 10, 2012
Does it ave to be a baked cheesecake? If so, Are theyall the same mix? I've got one recipe where there's a standard cheesecake affair, which you bake for most of the baking time, then there's a sour cream cheesecake layer that you add, and then finish the bake (another 10-15 mins).
Presumably you could do this with layers of the same mix- bake layer 1 till just set, carefully pour layer 2, continue baking, etc.
I think an easier option would be to go for a no bake cheesecake. Then it's a simple case of waiting for layer one to set up a bit in the fridge, before adding the next layer. And if the mix s sturdy enough, possibly no waiting at all! There'd be no overcooking this way. I've done a chocolate/coffee 3 layer cheesecake this way, and I was happy with it!
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