Too much salt

I made a batch of potato soup and over salted the pot. :( It's not completely inedible, but the salt really stands out. I kept trying to cut it with skim milk, but I wasn't noticing a change and it was starting to get too runny. Any suggestions? I still have a lot left, and other than the salt, it seems great. I'll make another batch with no salt and mix the two together if I have to, but I'd rather not go to all that effort.



Bill F. September 22, 2012
This is a stretch but add the skim milk, be sure not to be TOO runny. When the salt taste is bearable soak up the excess milk with bread. Yes this method is a little labor intensive and seems kinda silly but it should will saturate most of the extra moisture and a lot of the unwanted salt. Good luck
Author Comment
I think that's the best solution - make more without salt and combine. No other solution will work as consistently or effectively.
pierino September 22, 2012
I agree the best solution is to make a second batch but be sure to taste for salt as you go, adding more as needed.
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