Great fish restaurant in south Florida?

Does anyone know of a great fish restaurant (does not have to be fancy, just great, fresh fish) in south Florida, near Highland Beach/Delray/Boca Raton?

Cristina Sciarra


Tarragon October 3, 2012
CC, I thought of this later - if you are still in the area, I suggest Seafood World in Pompano Beach (just south of Boca)
Cristina S. October 3, 2012
Thanks! We're heading back north today, but we visit my parents down here somewhat regularly, so I will keep both places in mind for next time!
Tarragon October 2, 2012
Not limited to seafood but I suggest Max's Harvest in Delray Beach. (and I think Chef Allen's is closed).
Cristina S. October 2, 2012
Tarragon, we went by Max's tonight, but they were closing early! Next time I'm in town, I definitely try again. Thanks for the advice!
ChefJune October 2, 2012
I don't know that area all that well, but Chef Allen Susser is cooking delicate local fish at Chef Allen's Modern Seafood Grill in Aventura. I've cooked with him on a celebrity chef event and his food is wonderful. Check out his site:
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