A question about a recipe: One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf

I have a question about the ingredient "lacinato kale, washed and chopped into 1" lengths" on the recipe "One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf" from deensiebat. What is lacinto kale?

  • Posted by: stefany
  • October 29, 2012
One-Pot Kale & Quinoa Pilaf
Recipe question for: One-Pot Kale & Quinoa Pilaf


pierino October 30, 2012
In Italian, "cavolo nero".
Maedl October 30, 2012
Add another name to its aliases: black kale. It should be coming to the market now and will remain available for the winter. For a photo see http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART03040/Tuscan-Kale.html
SKK October 30, 2012
First of all the recipe is a definite keeper. Lacinato kale is also called dino kale, devils kale, tuscany kale. As Merrill says, it is flatter. Doesn't have the curly ends, and is not purple. We prefer the taste.
Merrill S. October 29, 2012
It's a type of kale that's darker and has flatter leaves than standard curly kale
Also called dinosaur kale.
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