A question about a recipe: One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf; without cheese?

I love this recipe and have made it a handful of times, already. my husband enjoys it, too, but he is not a cheese-lover. any suggestions for how to make this recipe without the cheese? or maybe with a cheese other than goat cheese? thanks!

One-Pot Kale & Quinoa Pilaf
Recipe question for: One-Pot Kale & Quinoa Pilaf


Tarragon April 17, 2012
I make the pilaf with feta. It doesn't need the cheese for moisture; if I were to substitute anything I'd substitute something salty, like salted nuts (instead of the pine nuts), or capers or olives. The ham suggested by Sam would serve the same purpose.
bcstarke April 17, 2012
I'd recommend avocado.
walevitt June 17, 2011
you could probably make this without the cheese, though maybe try something like creme fraiche or sour cream instead.
bk_novice June 17, 2011
thank you, everyone. drbabs: you don't think you need the cheese to help lubricate (for lack of a better word) the ingredients during mixing? do you think I should increase the oil if I take away the cheese?
drbabs June 17, 2011
My husband doesn't eat goat or feta cheese either. I make it without the cheese, and then add a little cheese to mine after I serve his.
vrunka June 17, 2011
I make a similar salad with either garbanzo or cannelini beans -- you could try that in place of the cheese. It would add a little flavor and textural difference and make it more of a substantial dish. You might want to up the salt and lemon a bit, too, to make up for the missing cheese.
Sam1148 June 16, 2011
I'd just leave off the cheese. Does he eat ham? A slice of 1/8 inch prosciutto ham diced..would pare nicely with the kale and replace the salty element of the cheese.
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