Wine + an aluminum roasting pan

I'm planning on making AntoniaJames' spatchcocked turkey, but the only pan I have that will fit my turkey is aluminum. Should I skip the step where she has you pour wine over the bird so that I don't get off flavors from the acid/Al reaction?



emadethis November 13, 2012
It's a actual roasting pan, but it occurred to me that I often roast chickens on Al baking sheets and deglaze them post roasting with wine or lemon juice--because I'm just deglazing it, it never seems to have time to get a weird flavor. So maybe I'll pour over stock and save the wine for the gravy. Thanks all.
bigpan November 12, 2012
Take a glass of water, pour into the aluminum pan, boil, then cool. Drink the water. That should convince you to invest in a nice stainless steel roasting pan. They are not that expensive these days and you will be surprised at how much you will use it.
AntoniaJames November 12, 2012
I agree with both Kirsten and hardlikearmour, but would note that if there were a lot of pan juices (and if I were not using a baking sheet, which is a good solution), I might not worry about it too terribly much, and would very slowly drizzle a few tablespoons of wine over the hot bird. I'd probably add a touch of wine when making gravy; and of course, I'd pour a glass for myself! ;o)
Kristen M. November 10, 2012
We made this on a cooling rack set over a large baking sheet (the size of a half sheet tray, in restaurant terms) and it worked out well.
hardlikearmour November 10, 2012
I'd definitely worry about the acid and aluminum. Especially if it's one of the disposable pans. Maybe just replace the wine with stock.
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