A question about a recipe: Sour Cream Dinner Rolls

I have a question about the ingredient "2/3 cup barley flour" on the recipe "Sour Cream Dinner Rolls" from AntoniaJames. Can I substitute AP flour or bread flour for barley flour? My store had every kind of Bob's Red Mill flour except barley. Thanks!

Sour Cream Dinner Rolls
Recipe question for: Sour Cream Dinner Rolls


AntoniaJames November 20, 2012
For some reason, I just saw this question for the first time this morning. Use 3/4 cup instead of 2/3 of all-purpose flour, because barley flour is more dense. (A cup of barley flour weighs 148 grams, vs. 1 cup of AP at 125 grams.) You might need a teaspoon or two more, because that calculation is not exact. The amount is actually .788 cup. ;o)
Droplet November 11, 2012
Barley flour is generally lower in gluten than AP flour but it's main asset is the slightly nutty taste it contributes. In this recipe AJ combines a nice array of ingredients, so I think they will compensate for the flavor in the absence of barley. I would substitute with AP as opposed to bread flour though because rolls are better when they are softer and bread flour will introduce more gluten to the recipe and make them more chewy.
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