Wondering if u can tell me how long to cook a 20lb turkey ?? Is it 15 or 20min @ pd ?? Also... Is it good to start it breast down than turn it over after 1 hr

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nutcakes November 22, 2010
unstuffed 4-1/2 to 5 hours, if stuffed 4-3/4 to 5-3/4. I always go by tempurature, buy an instand read thermometer. The breast is done at 165 while the legs are done at 180. I take it out ahead as the temperature will rise as it rests. As you see, by the time the legs are done the breast is overdone. Lately I have been taking it out when breast is 160, let rest 20 minutes, cut off legs and thighs and return to the pan to cook in the drippings. Cooking breast side down will protect the breast a bit and keep it juicy but you won't get really crisp skin. Turning it will help crisp the skin. A dry or wet brined turkey will help the breast stay moist.
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