Can anyone recommend a mail order source for posole? I love this recipe but Rancho Gordo is presently not carrying posole. Thanks!



David S. December 17, 2012
Yes! I get all of my Posole from these guys:
They have the best! You have to scroll down to the bottom of their Google Cart to find the Posole.
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healthierkitchen December 11, 2012
I have heard good things about Anson Mills, but if you want traditional New Mexico posole, try Santa Fe School of cooking's online market.
vvvanessa December 10, 2012
If you need an online source, Anson Mills has hominy (and their products are amazing):

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ChefOno December 10, 2012

You might try searching under its real name, hominy.
Or check your local Mexican market.

em-i-lis December 10, 2012
Try Kalustyans!
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