How far in advance can you make cupcakes?

  • Posted by: JLJ
  • November 22, 2010


mrslarkin November 23, 2010
I agree, 2 days. No more. When cool, cover with wax paper and wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap so they don't go stale. Frost or ice on the day you will eat them.
campagnes November 22, 2010
yeah, I wouldn't go beyond two days. If you do, freeze them.
nutcakes November 22, 2010
One day is ideal, two days is okay.
cheater C. November 22, 2010
I'd feel great about doing them a couple of days in advance. Good heavy, sugary icing helps them keep longer. Keep covered at room temp. You can also freeze unfrosted cupcakes. Defrost and ice before serving.
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