Using natural cocoa in place of dutch process in chocolate cupcake recipe with vinegar?

I'm getting ready to bake some chocolate filled cupcakes this afternoon, and I'm getting some of the ingredients ready this AM. I am using natural cocoa not dutch processed.

As suggested in this prior pickle question (, I am increasing the baking soda by 50%, but the recipe also calls for white vinegar.

Should I leave out the vinegar all together because the natural cocoa is more acidy on it's own? Thank you for any advice!!!!

PS. here is the recipe I am following at America's Test Kitchen

  • Posted by: debbiet
  • March 31, 2011


debbiet March 31, 2011
Thanks Hilarybee for your input, I appreciate it.

To answer your question, I heard that "natural" keeps the benefits and taste of chocolate as true as possible, and the alkali removes that. I also don't like that extra bit of processing.

I don't bake desserts and cakes very often, I'm more of a low sugar healthier muffin/quickbread I'm still learning! I'll do some more research!!! But for the amount of baking I do, I'd never use both kinds, so I just keep natural on hand!!!
Hilarybee March 31, 2011
I'd leave the vinegar, like boulangere suggested. But next time, why not try the Dutch processed cocoa?

I use natural cocoa for most applications, but in cakes, dutched or ultra dutched cocoa has a wonderful, rich flavor and makes a dark cake with a soft crumb.
debbiet March 31, 2011
Thanks so much! It's for my DH's birthday. I don't normally bake such sweet extravagant things, so it will be a wonderful treat for both of us!
boulangere March 31, 2011
Nope! I think you're fine to leave it alone, and you'll be pouring a nice cup of coffee and sitting down to a lovely treat by this afternoon!
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