What beer would you pair with this?



QueenSashy January 24, 2013
I would go with lighter floral beer, something like Flower Power India Pale Ale, a nice lemony Belgian white ale or whitebeer like Celis White?
pierino January 22, 2013
For a bruschetta with ricotta I'm thinking Italian all the way; Moretti or Nastro Azzurro.
Merrill S. January 22, 2013
Wish I could add something to this conversation, but I'm not a beer connoisseur in the slightest.
Christine January 22, 2013
A tripel sounds maybe a bit too rich for this dish. do you think something like a saison (Dupont perhaps) would go well with the floral honey flavor and the light lemony zest?
Brooklynite January 22, 2013
That's a good idea. If I can't get my hands on a case of Dupont by tomorrow, what do you think of Rodenbach Grand Cru as a backup?

Amanda H. January 22, 2013
I'd go for a Belgian ale. (Hi Jordan!)
Brooklynite January 22, 2013
Hi Amanda! "Belgian ale" is like "French wine"; there are literally hundreds of styles. See BeerAdvocate's list of ~20 main categories, for example: http://beeradvocate.com/beer/style. The two styles I'm debating between are Flanders Red Ale (sharp, fruity, sour, and tart; closer in taste to a sweet champagne or dessert wine than what you think of as beer) and the Tripel (a complex spiced, sweet style).
Amanda H. January 22, 2013
I knew you were going to call me out on that!
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