Need idea for dinner : ital sausage & leftover polenta

Have pesto, onions

  • Posted by: piano13
  • February 7, 2013


piano13 February 8, 2013
Thank you all! All of these are really helpful. Polenta was quite soft, so we had eggs, and some polenta mixed with sausage, sorta a subst. for a blop of sausage gravy. Next time, I'll try one of these.
Kristen W. February 7, 2013
Or...braise the sausage with onions (and some peppers if you have them) in red wine, serve over the polenta and top with a bit of pecorino (or parm) and Italian parsley. Use the pesto as a simple bruschetta topping and serve on the side.
arcane54 February 7, 2013
Mrs. Larkin has a great idea!
Here's another possibility: layer polenta pieces, sausage, a wee bit of pesto (too much could overpower) OR some marinara, mozzarella, a sprinkle of parmesan, bake until bubbly and top is browned.
mrslarkin February 7, 2013
If the polenta is pretty solid, cut it into squares and fry it up in a pan. Saute onions, add sliced sausage, serve over crisp polenta. buon appetito!
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