How would you cook veal heart?

  • Posted by: SallyCan
  • September 9, 2010


pierino September 10, 2010
What I would do with a veal tongue is to first bring it to a boil in water with a bouquet garnie of your own device, simmer until tender. There's probably a bit of bone at the back that you will need to cut out. Peel the tongue and cut it into cubes and braise it in a sweet/savory tomato based sauce. I'm on the road and don't have a tongue recipe on my laptop. Heart is also muscle with texture similar to tongue. If I were stupid enough to be a contestant on "Chopped" and found veal heart in my basket that's how I would approach it---unless I chose to throw it at Ted Allen.
thirschfeld September 10, 2010
I like my beef heart braised with skirlie stovies, which is potatoes with pin oats/steele cut oats, onions and beef broth. Very Scottish and very good. The skirlie stovies are one of my favorite dishes.
SallyCan September 10, 2010
Perino, what would you do with a veal tongue?
pierino September 10, 2010
I would give it the same treatment that you might give to veal tongue, although it wouldn't need to be peeled.
Merrill S. September 9, 2010
I don't remember whether there was a sauce, but I think a pesto/chimichurri-type accompaniment might be good. I haven't made heart this way so couldn't give you any tips on technique -- you may want to check out the "Nose to Tail" books by Fergus Henderson, who owns St. John.
SallyCan September 9, 2010
Sounds good~was it served as is, with no sauce? Also, are there any tricks to slicing it, or a direction to go with it?
Merrill S. September 9, 2010
At St. John in London, where offal is the main event, I once had ox heart sliced thinly, seasoned with salt and pepper and then seared very quickly on each side, with the center left a little pink. I loved it, and I suspect veal heart would benefit from the same treatment.
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