Just to confirm, 3 links of chorizo refer to about 1.5 pound, correct?



pierino March 9, 2013
It really depends on the size and length of the chorizo. I have a one pound package of Chorizo Bilbao which contains six links. Imported from L'Espanola in Harbor City, CA. 1 1/2 pounds does indeed sound like a lot.
em-i-lis March 9, 2013
DC must be very consistent :) because I was just going to write in and say that sausage links at area Whole Foods here are 3-4 oz each. Maedl, I didn't know you were here too!
Maedl March 8, 2013
A chorizo link in my area (DC) is closer to 4 ounces. A pound and a half sounds like a lot, but left oers are always fine.
Spicy T. March 8, 2013
Sorry... I thought I was asking the author of the recipe. But thank you for your reply. It confirms my understanding of it!
William W. March 8, 2013
You can ask the Author of this recipe directly (Brussel Sprouts for Breakfast) if you are trying to be very exact.
I think however, that you should use what feels right to you. 1.5 pounds of fresh chorizo will cook down a considerable amount, so it's not unreasonable to assume that is correct!
Hope this helps.
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