Whatnis a common name or brand for "Turkish chili paste" I would like to buy some.? Thanks, nt

  • Posted by: ntt2
  • March 13, 2013
Brown Rice Jambalaya-ish
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Maedl March 13, 2013
According to the label on the Mis jar, you are using a hot red chili pepper paste. The Turkish idea of hot is not on the same level as the Asian concept of hot, thus, it can seem pretty mild.

Ajvar is made from red bell peppers, and is popular in Serbia and the Balkans. Ajvar is delicious as a dip for bread or condiment used at the table.

Bell peppers and chili peppers are all cultivars of Capsicum annuum ( a cultivar basically means a group of plants bred by humans for specific characteristics). The difference between bell peppers and other cultivars, other than size of the peppers, is that bell peppers contain practically no capsaicin, the substance which gives chili peppers their heat.
healthierkitchen March 13, 2013
That certainly seems similar, susan g! It's delicious stuff, and I don't like bell peppers!
susan G. March 13, 2013
I just stumbled on a recipe which includes a DIY 'red pepper paste' which might be what you need. In the comments someone suggested 'ajvar' as a prepared alternative (which I have found in a chain outlet store -- delicious). The recipe is characterized as Armenian. http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-spicy-lentil-wrap-with-tahini-saucerecipes-from-the-kitchn-167629 (The whole recipe looks worth making.)
healthierkitchen March 13, 2013
Hi ntt2 - the paste I have is "Mis" brand and I bought it at a local shop that sells Greek and Turkish products. It says "hot" on the label, but is fairly mild. I do not know this online company, but this is like my jar (http://www.yiyelim.com/productdetail.cfm?pid=123004) I think it is paprika based, which might be different than Aleppo pepper. I originally bought it for a Turkish soup, but i really like the flavor so I sometimes experiment with it. I love Aleppo pepper too, and definitely recommend getting some if you're in Penzey's or a Mediterranean market!
Maedl March 13, 2013
It is most likely a paste made from Aleppo chilis. Aleppo chilis are mild and do not add too much heat. You can find them at Penzey's.
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