When do you add in scallions

  • Posted by: Fanny
  • November 5, 2015
Brown Rice Jambalaya-ish
Recipe question for: Brown Rice Jambalaya-ish


drbabs November 5, 2015
I just made it Sunday, and I sprinkled the chopped scallions on top just before serving. It's really good--enjoy!
702551 November 5, 2015
If you click through the photo slideshow, you'll see photo #2 has the scallions on top. This is one of the shortcomings of slideshows versus inline photos.

I hate slideshows myself, but they are the current trend for website operators as they generate more clicks.
702551 November 5, 2015
In the recipe comments, this same question was asked and the author responded that the scallions were to be sprinkled on the top of the finished dish.
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