Making brisket for Passover for the first recipe? What kind of pan? I'm getting 8lbs from the butcher at Eataly in NYC.



Bevi March 21, 2013
I like Silver Palate's recipe, listed as a genius recipe on this site, but love and adore and recommend Mark Bittman's recipe:
I make the garlic and sweet version. I cook a day in advance, thinly slice the meat when it is tender, return the sliced meat to the pot, and then reheat the next night.
ortolan March 21, 2013
I am a jewish gal who grew up loving brisket, and a major gourmet foodie who adores Eataly, and I will ONLY use the FOOLPROOF recipe for Onion Braised Brisket from Cooks Illustrated. Our grandmothers used onion powder and ketchup and cranberry sauce; the recipe from CI is the real deal, with none of the weird stuff. This will not only make the most exceptional brisket anyone has ever tasted, but it will be one of the most amazing dishes you EVER eat. Trust. You have to pay to be a member to access the recipe, but I found it here:
Make it the day before, and make SURE to have the heavy duty foil on hand (don't use regular foil--the liquid will seep out and the brisket won't braise. The beauty of it is that it is easy to serve on Passover, because you are really just heating it up. It makes the most delicious sauce, with brisket that just melts in your mouth.
Also, the butcher at Eataly is wonderful, just expensive.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 21, 2013
I agree for making it at least the day before. Check out this brisket recipe, that includes a step-by-step photo tutorial for a savory herb brisket. Once you have the method, you can search around for different flavor profiles that suits your taste. Good luck!
LBosworth29 March 21, 2013
love the photos - this is awesome, thank you!
Monita March 21, 2013
I make this brisket for Passover and Rosh Hashana and it's always a big hit ( It has dried fruit and sauerkraut. The key to brisket is 1)season the meat well and brown it and 2)allow it to cook long enough for it to be tender. A large roasting pan is best. I don't have one large enough to go from stove top to oven so I brown the meat in a large saute pan; then saute onions add the liquid, bring to a boil and pour oven the meat in the roasting pan. Then into the oven
sara D. April 5, 2017
sauerkraut at passover? really? sauerkraut is a femented/aged food, so I would think it wouldn't be kosher for passover. sounds yummy, though!

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ChefJune March 21, 2013
brisket from Eataly? I'd be looking for a Jewish butcher. I alway make our old family recipe, and do it in a large, low roasting pan. We cook it today and eat it tomorrow. Chill well overnight then skim off all the fat. But you will need a double brisket for best results, and most goyim don't even know what that is!
LBosworth29 March 21, 2013
Surprisingly I've gotten tons of recommendations to head to the man at we will try it this time. Thanks for the tip to cook a day ahead!
snowy March 21, 2013
Alway cook brisket ahead!!!! The more brisket sits the better it tastes. I actually cook a week ahead, slice it, throw it back into the sauce and freeze it.
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