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I made a test batch of candied cranberries for a thanksgiving snack and they got mushy and wet after a day in the fridge. Do you think I can leave them out for a day to get super dry? Any suggestions are appreciated. I cooked them in simple syrup and rolled them in sugar.


asked by mattius about 6 years ago
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added about 6 years ago

If the cranberries are mushy it could mean that the syrup was too hot and overcooked the berries. I have done that in the past and had to remake them with less heat, and less time in the hot syrup. You want them to just begin to pop, any longer and they can become mush.

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added about 6 years ago

I saw a fantastic recipe from 'Paul' magazine for candied cranberries. I was shocked as I didn't real;ise they could be eaten as a 'sweet'.....See link http://www.sweetpaulmag...

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