What are the health benefits of quinoa and kale?

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1 Comment

Julie W. March 31, 2013
The health benefits of quinoa and kale are amazing. Quinoa is a wonderful grain that is gluten free, full of fiber and protien, as well as vitamins and trace minerals. I would say it is one of the top grains and should be apart of your diet. It is a staple in mine. I eat it the way Asian countries eat rice. Plus it is so versatile...serve it cold, warm, with vegetables, fruits. The options are endless! It will take any flavor, just like rice, that you cook it with. You can cook it in just water and season when serving, or you can throw some seasonings in with the water as you cook.

For kale, kale is the king of the leafy greens. Highest amount of protein in the greens, full of fiber and plenty of minerals, vitamins and trace elements that the body uses to replenish and heal itself. Kale can be eaten in salads, stem, sauteed, stir fried, used in soups, stews, juice blends, etc. My personal favorite type of kale is lacinato, sometimes termed 'dinasuar' or 'tuscan' kale.

Here a few links with a bit more detailed info:

Quinoa: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-4994/7-Benefits-of-Quinoa-The-Supergrain-of-the-Future.html

Kale: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-4408/Top-10-Health-Benefits-of-Eating-Kale.html

High highly and lovingly recommend you get these beautiful plant based foods into your diet! They are the best of the best in their category. Cheers to the good stuff!
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